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How to Use Squigl for Education

Squigl enables educators and students to think beyond text. It allows the content creator to express ideas with voice and animated images to convey information.

Student Engagement

Squigl videos are built with science to engage students and improve information retention. Engagement is achieved through the animated imagery and aniticipating the next image, making the brain curious. Squigl videos facilitate retention of information by presenting information in both auditory and visual channels. This means they support 95% of student learning styles. They are also great fun to create and to watch!

Educators around the world use Squigl, both in the classroom and as part of online learning, in many innovative ways.

Online Learning

In today’s sudden shift to online learning, having high-quality, effective ways to teach and learn is a necessity for students to succeed. To reach students virtually you need to be able to assess progress and understanding without face-to-face interactions. Squigl is the perfect tool to add to your online learning toolbox to engage students and to assess comprehension.

The power of Squigl isn’t just engaging students in how they receive information, but in empowering students to create and communicate. When students create in Squigl, educators will see how students wrestle with concepts through vocabulary and visuals revealing their comprehension of the subject.

Offering Squigl for online students enhances their ability to learn in a engaging and fun way.

Educator-Created Squigl Videos

Lesson Introduction & Summaries
Educators can introduce the lesson and the key topics. By including short, focused videos at the beginning of a new unit, educators can quickly share important information and associate visuals with the information that will be presented.

Exam Preparation
Educators can easily build exam preparation materials using Squigl to make sure that students focus on the primary topics. Squigl videos are quick and easy to create, allowing educators to offer high-quality content without sacrificing time with students.

Educator Training
Squigl is used for orientations, refresher, and technical training for educators. Training materials can be quickly created and easily updated, offering just-in-time content for today’s changing policies, regulations, and rules.

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Student-Created Squigl Videos

Group Project
Squigl’s collaboration features allow educators to work with students to create lesson content. Or assign small group collaboration projects so students talents can shine.

Individual Assignment
Students submit Squigl videos as assignments to demonstrate their level of comprehension of a subject. Including Squigl videos as part of a student’s coursework engages auditory and visual learning and helps reinforce key concepts.

Research Summary
Faculty, students, and researchers present research findings through Squigl videos or even convert their PowerPoint presentations to share in a new way.

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